II Corinthians 12: 19 (MSG) I hope you don’t think that all along we’ve been making our defense before you, the jury. You’re not the jury; God is the jury—God revealed in Christ—and we make our case before him. And we’ve gone to all the trouble of supporting ourselves so that we won’t be in the way or get in the way of your growing up.

Have you ever been in the uncomfortable position of having to defend your rights or your personal integrity? It can happen in your family, among your friends, in ministry, and in your career paths.

I must admit it doesn’t always feel good to have to defend yourself at times. But there are times when we must discern when we should defend ourselves in the proper manner. And then there other times we must discern when we should just let God handle the entire defending of whatever the matter maybe for us.

When you ask Jesus into your heart, you are re-born into the family of God. From that point forward, there is no question that you are His child. You don’t have to prove that He is your Father or that you are entitled to receive defense and support from Him in all situations of your life.

As a child of God, you are given a promise, that all of your needs will be met. No one can deny you that benefit; neither do you have to defend this truth. Live life with the assurance that you are a child of the King. God is your Father and you will never have to fight for your inheritance. Having Christ in your life positions you in the family of God and you don’t have defend this truth to anyone.

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