Isaiah 14:4-6 (MSG) Can you believe it? The tyrant is gone! The tyranny is over! GOD has broken the rule of the wicked, the power of the bully-rulers That crushed many people. A relentless rain of cruel outrage Established a violent rule of anger rife with torture and persecution.

Sometimes we feel powerless for one reason or another. You may be in a situation where other people have power over you. You may feel that you’re trapped by the demands of others and that there’s no way to please them all. Its double jeopardy: to please one is to disappoint another. Sometimes when we feel stuck and frustrated with our relationships, we look for a measure of control by escap­ing through our addictive behaviors.

When you’re caught in these type situations, don’t run away through your addictive or compulsive escape vices. At times like these God is there, and he’ll listen to your woes. He hears your cries and is willing to give you hope for the future. Today’s message is especially for those who have any kind of Addictions issues, Abuse problems, Family concerns, Peer pressures, Career conflicts, Church decisions!!

Admit to God that you’re powerless; surrender to Him and allow His Holy Spirit to cascade in your life; it’s the power you need to move forward and you can make that choice today, because “The Power is Broken”!

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