Job 42:12a (KJV) So the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning

Tragedy can strike anyone of us at anytime. When it does, you may feel as if you have no hope. Often time you almost wish you could just die and just be done with it, yes be done with life is what I am saying. But even after tragedy has devastated your life, God will redi­rect your course toward a good future. Consider a good man who went before you.

The Bible speaks of Job as a upright man (Job 1:8), Job lost everything. His ten chil­dren were killed, and he lost his riches and health. All this hap­pened in a matter of some scholars say one day and others say a couple of days! However, one thing all scholars agree on is Job experienced probably the worst of all tragedy’s in his lifetime. He was left with a despairing wife and three friends who blamed him for his own misfortune. Job cried out, “If my sadness could be weighed, (it) would be heavier than all the sands of the sea. I wish he would reach out his hand and kill me; I do not have the strength to endure. I do not have a goal that encourages me to carry on.” (Job 6:2, 9, 11)! Have you ever felt like you couldn’t make it?

Job didn’t know that the end of his life would be even better than the beginning. God restored everything he had lost, and then some. The Bible says, “Then he died, an old man who had lived a long, good life.” (Job 42:17), and receive from the Lord double for his trouble (Job 42:12-14).

Are you grieving the loss of someone you love? Maybe you’ve lost your job and can’t provide for your family. Maybe you see no pur­pose in your life right now. Even when you’re pressed to the point of death, you can rightfully hope that God will redirect the course of your life. And just as God blessed Job’s latter better and more than his beginning, God will do the same for you! I believe God that whatever hurt, tragedy, or loss you maybe experiencing, God is going to give you “Double for your Trouble”. Blessings and know I am praying for your life in God!

Quote: “Before God changes our circumstances, He wants to change our hearts. – Warren Wiersbe

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