Word for the day “We Care”

Proverbs 11:30 (NKJV) The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life,
And he who wins souls is wise.

As we live our lives, at times you realize that all is not well and life isn’t right. When you come to see that somewhere along the way the truth God wants you to live by has been replaced with a lie. We see it every day: Ministry leaders end up in affairs.  School teachers think it won’t hurt anything or anybody to pick up and read the latest erotic novel. Godly men and women indulge in ungodly practices more than many of us care to admit. Successful people in business gamble it all away. Hard working parents like you and me drift in our spiritual walk and succumb to all sorts of temptations. Drugs and alcohol become false comfort, with horrific addiction results.

You’ve heard it said, and I believe it’s true, everyone of us has something: a wound, a hurt, an addiction, a dependency, a disappointment, a fractured relationship, stress, anxiety, depression, shame. We are all human and simply are challenged in some area in our lives. However, we are all children and God has something to solve any issue that may exist in our lives.

Whatever, you are challenged with today sisters and brothers, know that God has the answer. There is measure of Grace, Love, and healing especially for you and your situation and can only be found in our God. Today the Ministry of Total Praise Generation just wants to remind you and help you regain your footing.

Won’t you respond to today’s message, by writing us in the comment area of Word Cup, or to our website, please don’t be shy to let us know how we can pray for you.  We desire your prayers for our Ministry Tpgeneration.com, and promise to pray for you if you let us know what you’d like us to be praying for. Thanks for believing in what we do, and remember God loves you and so I do to…..

2 Replies to “Word for the day “We Care””

  1. I look forward to the Word for the Day. I even share it with others. I want to Thank Brother Baker for his daily inspiration. I’ve had surgery on my knee, I feel that my recovery isn’t as fast as I would like it. Please pray that I may have the patience and continue to do what is necessary for my recovery. Not comparing with others.

  2. Hello Brother James, I so appreciate your in sight and what your doing. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. I want you and your ministry to pray for me as I go through my daily struggle with baby daddy drama, I have great faith that it will get better, God has lifted the weight off of me as I confide in Him daily. But I believe in prayer, so pray that all that I’m going through is for my own Good and that I will see better days and experience harmony in that aspect of my life. Thank you Brother I love you.

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