Deuteronomy 30:15 (NIV) See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.

A harsh reality that each of us must confront sooner or later, are the inauthentic aspects of ourselves. The aspects of life that push us in a positive way toward success can also exert a negative pull, destroying our effectiveness. If you are a leader in any capacity from family, church, work, to walking the dog, you have no doubt experienced this paradox yourself. We all have aspects of ourselves that if not understood and embraced can be destructive.

It does not matter in what capacity you lead others. You may be a CEO of a large corporation or the sole proprietor of a smaller home-based company. Perhaps you work as a middle manager or pastor of a church. Maybe you are president of your school’s parent teacher association or a fraternal organization or you are a teacher in the school system. Wherever and in whatever capacity you lead others, you need to understand your own negative, inauthentic and shady side. It’s a fact of life we all must confront!

In my own life, I have discovered how harmful some communication patterns which had existed for several generations in my family. This is not to say my family of both my late Mom and Dad are bad people. However, I discovered some negative patterns being duplicated in my own life that had to be addressed and reconciled. If these destructive patterns, tendencies, and practices were not addressed, I may have lost my own family in the process of wining the world for Christ. Sisters and brothers we can survive but not all of us will have a happy ending. Failure is in our close future if we refuse to address the dangerous tendencies, patterns, and practices of our shady and destructive side. Blessings and love is my prayer for each of you today and enjoy the weekend!

Quote: Parker Palmer- “We as leaders have the power to cast either shadow or light by the exercise of our leadership” Author of “Let Your Life Speak”

Elder Baker

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