Psalm 78:57 (NIV) Like their ancestors they were disloyal and faithless, as unreliable as a faulty bow.


The promises we make to each other give birth to the trust we have in each other. A baby counts on their mother to be there when needed. A wife and husband count on each other to be there when needed, and a friend counts on a friend in the same way. Wherever people promise to be with us in care and support, we are bonded to them by our trust just as they are bonded to us by their commitment.


The loyalties of friendship may not be as binding as the loyalties of family, but if I discover that a friend let me down after he promised something to me: a favor, a loan, a blessing, to let me down when I needed them greatly, and only because the friend did not want to go out their way for me. These types of violations break the fundamental terms of our friendship. Have you ever experienced disloyalty or been the person who has been disloyal? The same holds true even the more in family relationships if the truth is told!


A person who breaks a promise of loyalty violates a relationship based on promise and trust. We just cannot go on as usual in the relationship unless the wrong of it is healed. The hurt is too deep to go on as if nothing had come between us. Disloyalty is not acceptable; it is offensive and painful beyond words. We must either separate and carry the hurt alone or forgive the person who was disloyal to us. Sisters and brothers it’s time to put our past, present, and future in proper perspective handle your business! Have a an awesome day.

Elder Baker

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