I Corinthian 3:16 (NIV) Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

We have all known brilliant people who chose a dead end career, married an incompatible mate, or were seduced by a get rich-quick scheme. We have all made some decisions we would rather forget, but sometimes we can’t forget them because the consequences seem to remind us of the bad decision we made. It’s as if the sum of our lives equals the sum of our decisions.

Our character is best revealed by the decisions we’ve made and the impact of those decisions on ourselves and others. Who we are will determine what we decide to do; and that is, our character will dictate the kind of decisions we make. My grandmother the late Dr. Inez Girtman, would remind all of her grandchildren “Do you know who you are” and I can still hear her voice in my mind today reminding me of my inheritance with our family but more importantly with God.

We are free to make our choices, but we are not free to choose the consequences. Even more sobering is this: One bad choice can result in a lifetime of heartache and regret. One act of immorality, one drunk-driving lapse in judgment, and one hasty marriage choice, along with countless other foolish choices can alter the direction and trajectory of our lives for the worse.

The decisions you have made in the past have affected where you are today on the journey of life. However, the decisions you make today will to some extent determine your future. Godly and wise choices can transform the bad choices of the past into a foundation for a more productive life and ministry for your today and tomorrow. The decision you make today having God in the forefront of your life can start right now. Blessings and love be yours today, find out by reading God’s word “Who you are”! Today’s message is especially for Youth and young adults, Single parents, Spousal abuse victims, Incest survivors, Rape victims, and the many of us who suffer from low self esteem!

Elder Baker

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