Psalm 37:25 (KJV) I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

As we review the life of the Proverbial King David, we realize that he was not always walking in the will of God. There were times when he was discouraged and wanted to quit. Read the Psalms and you will discover that often David had many times of feeling defeated. David had times when he was living under a dark cloud of doubt, but God was still with him. I just wanted to tell you today that God is still with you even as you are reading this word sent from the Lord for your life.

When David was in the caves, hiding from King Saul, God was with him. Even when David doubted that God could help his situation, God was still there. God did not forsake David in those hours of defeat and discouragement. Sisters and brothers I need you to know again that our God will not forsake you or your concerns. You can be sure, my family, friends, and fellowships that God is going to be with you.

And what about those times and seasons of disobedience for David? Yes, there were times in David’s life when he disobeyed God and sinned. Did God approve the sin? Of course not! But did God forsake His child because he had sinned? No! There were times when David was not acceptable, but he was still accepted. David’s salvation depended on the grace of God, not his own good works; God is faithful to care for his own.

Yes God had to rebuke and discipline David, but God never forsook him. When David grew to be an old man, he looked back at his stormy life and came to a marvelous conclusion; Good had been with him all way. May the blessings and faithfulness of God overtake your day! Remember “God is with you all the way” to those of you that this word is for at this time in your life, read this message until you embrace its truth in your body, mind, and soul. Blessings and love be yours this day!

Elder Baker

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