Isaiah 40:28 (NIV) Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.

The prophet Isaiah was amazed that the people of Judah had rejected the one true God and were worshipping false gods instead. After all it was the Creator God that had brought the universe into existence by the power of His word (Hebrews 11:3). These pagan idols were weak and puny by comparison to the Creator God. When God made the world, He made something out of seemingly nothing: However, in God’s interactions in the world He made, the fallen world, and God is still today busy making nothing out of something with nothing.

From (Genesis 1:1) of the Bible, we learn several important truths about God’s creation of the world and its inhabitants. (1) God created the world from nothing; and is the ultimate cause of all that exists. (2) The Creation was accomplished in orderly fashion, in six successive days. This means God has placed order and design into the universe. (3) Humankind is the crown of God’s creation. (4) The Lord has given us the responsibility to care for Creation. As we see Isaiah reminded the people of his nation, V28 only God the creator is worthy of our loyalty and worship.

With Saul on the road to Damascus Christ demonstrates that He can save whom He wills(Acts 9), God used Moses, the baby sentenced to death and thrown into a river as a last ditch effort to save his life, to defeat Pharaoh; the one who sentenced him to death(Exodus 2). He used the shepherd boy, David, who was despised to defeat the giant whom everyone feared ( I Samuel 17). Why? Because God gets all the glory. He is the One in whom we should have our confidence; God is the One we should hold up for others to trust in (I Corinthians 1:31).

Sisters and Brothers God is still making something out of nothing today. If your situation or circumstances seem like it’s down to nothing and there is no hope left. Today’s word is dedicated to you from the God of all Creation just remember “God takes nothing and makes something of it! Today’s word is for those in the middle of financial problems, family troubles, relationhip difficulties, employment concerns, addiction issues, abuse matters, abandonment trials!

Prayer: God of all Creation, in this moment allow your divine will to be done in the lives of Your people. God someone is down to nothing left in their lives and stand in need of Your divine intervention! Have Your way in our lives, and again show Yourself mighty and strong, in Christ name Amen.

Elder Baker

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