I Thessalonians 5: 17 (NKJV) Pray without ceasing.

Pauletta Washington the wife of (Denzel Washington) speaking of a Woman’s influence shared major benefits of couples who pray together, I have provided some insights on marriage that was given to her prior to her being married I thought was worth sharing today. She shares, “So began my mother-daughter talk shortly after I had consented to marry Denzel. He wasn’t famous Denzel Washington at that point. If anything, my career was the one that was booming. At that time I had quite a name for myself as a classical pianist and Broadway performer.

“A good woman can make a bad man good, and a bad woman can make a good man bad”, continued Mom on her marriage philosophy. “It’s all about influence. That’s your power as a woman. “God created us, the woman as a help mate. We have a responsibility as a help mate to recognize our power and to use our power for the good of the Kingdom” She said “The original design of marriage is of God, and the wife has a very strong role in this design. Now can you do this? She asked. I was stuck says Pauletta and resisting. I felt it to be so unfair, how could this be?

As I pondered the unfairness I felt about Mom’s theory, I had to examine my mother’s role as I saw it in her own marriage as it affected our family. I then had to admit that my parents’ marriage was one of total unity. They were truly one. Teamwork personified! There was never an issue as to what was the role of the woman or the role of the man. It was whoever was available to do the job at hand, did it. So I asked her, “How do I do it?

“Not all by yourself,” said Mom. “You must be guided 100 percent by God, totally giving your marriage to Him. Then, you and Denzel must pray. The two of you must pray together, Constantly!” I can still see the passion in her face as she continued to give me her blueprint for a successful marriage. Then with that gentle, beautiful smile of hers, she left me to think about it all. Have a great day folks don’t forget to Pray!

Special Thanks to Pauletta Washington for sharing this powerful insight on prayer, and in Major benefits of couples Praying together. In the book called “Couples Who Pray” by Squire D Rushnell.

Elder Baker

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