Amos 3:3 (NIV) Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?

Communication between a man and a woman is vitally important to a successful marriage, and it starts with your frame of mind. Just for the record in any meaningful relationship: work, friends, family, church, sports, and etc., communication is the key that unlocks the door of agreement.

There’s a natural inclination for two people to think about marriage as a 50/50 arrangement, each person giving of themselves one-half to the relationship effort. But the natural outcome of that thinking is to begin tabulating a scorecard record in your head; keeping lists on how much you think you have contributed versus your partner. Have you ever felt this way in your relationships?

Keeping a relationship scorecard of any kind is a bad idea, just thought I’d say that to you today for the record. Men usually don’t expect women to pick up the check at a restaurant 50 percent of the time, or drive the car 50 percent of the time. And on the other hand normally now I said normally sisters, women don’t expect men to do 50 percent of the cooking and laundry. All I am trying to say here is there are built expectations in all relationships. It’s going to take 100 percent and over by each person for any relationship to survive.

Fact is, there are many instances in the average family that automatically assume one gender will contribute more than the other in context of the relationship. So let’s establish this premise: each of you should expect to put in much more than your share to make your: marriages, friendships, families, jobs, teams, churches, work in viable manner.  Well don’t just look at the word for today, get to work and have fun doing it! Blessings and peace.

Elder Baker

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