I Samuel 22:1 (NIV) David left Gath and escaped to the cave of Adullam.

Today’s word for your life is profound and one we all will experience or already have encountered. How did it all come to this? Haven’t I honored leadership? Haven’t I honored God? Didn’t you anoint me God? David must have been thinking these thoughts as he looked out from a cave over the cliffs below. At a place in life of being rejected, a fugitive outcast, without a place to call home. Without any resources; how did life get to this dead end? Are you in this place? Have you been in this place?

Such can be the fate of a leader in whom God is doing the deeper work of Kingdom. David must have identified with these same feelings as Job when he too could not make sense of his calamities “If I go east, He is not there, and if I go west, I cannot perceive Him.  When He is at work to the north, I cannot see Him; when He turns south, I cannot find Him”. (Job 23:8-9 HCSB). Where is God? I need Him Now! Nevertheless, it was God who handpicked David to be the heir of King Saul’s throne over Israel. God removed King Saul because of his disobedience.

David is a man whose character and integrity was tested much as Joseph’s had been. The Bible tells us that after David was anointed by God through the human agency of leader Samuel to be the next king of Israel. He did not immediately go into king training school. The Bible tells us he went back to shepherding sheep. It is noteworthy to see that David did this. When we get a dramatic word from God, how many of us want to go out and try to fulfill that word rather than wait for God to fulfill it in His timing?

Sisters and brothers when there is an anointing on your life, you will bring a blessing on those you serve. And in this text David is alone in his cave V1, David may have felt abandoned by God like many of us at times. Every authentic leader for God that would wield spiritual and kingdom influence with family, friends, and foes, must first win it in the “hidden place” Such are the ways of God. The ways of God often are replete with unfairness, crisis, isolation, and doubts on the road to leadership. Blessings and peace in your “Hidden place”

Elder Baker

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