Proverbs 13:22 (KJV) A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

Today’s message is about finances; we have three lifestyle choices financially, regardless of our income level.  Living above our means: this lifestyle will mean increasing debt and stress to be sure. Living within our means: this is what many assume is the right way to live. It will result in a steady, balanced cash flow and will give a person freedom from the bondage of debt and significant financial worries. Living below our means: now this is the lifestyle many people have never considered, but need to. It will also result in a steady, balanced cash flow and freedom, but it also accomplishes significant results. Living below our means really prepares us to experience some additional blessings.

Why should we consider living below our means? First of all, it’s the key to contentment, because we constantly realize there are things we choose not to buy. I learn daily what I can live without because I actually have the ability to get them, but decide not to. Secondly, when we spend less than we earn, we are free to give more than we even planned. When I spend less than I have, I discover that God has allowed me more money which He wants me to manage. Then when opportunities arise, I am able to give as God leads me.

Thirdly, when I spend less than I earn, my stewardship has a good chance of outlasting my own life. For one thing, if I’m a parent, I demonstrate for my children, which is missing in many of our homes if the truth be told. Many young adults and families struggle financially in their early years because they are used to the lifestyle of their parents. But our adult children may or may not be able to live at the level we live. Maybe the larger problem often is that children follow the philosophy of their parents that they should spend all the money they get. But if we as parents consistently demonstrate contentment by limiting our lifestyle, that’s the principle they can learn. And we are doing them and our grandchildren a huge favor.

Let’s consider today that God is challenging you and me to either live within or below your means. Is that a consideration you might embrace? Clearly God is not trying to teach us how to live beyond our means? If we want to be stewards living within or below our means, we have to handle the spending issue. Have a great weekend!

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