Jonah 1:17 (MSG) Then God assigned a huge fish to swallow Jonah. Jonah was in the fish’s belly three days and nights.

Amidst all the confusion and uncertainty of the world in which we live, how assuring to know that God orders our steps! Our faith need not be in blind chance or in circumstances, but should be in an infinitely wise God who does all things well, who knows the end from the beginning and whose every desire for us is for ultimate good and His glory.

These great truths will make the child of God humble and remove any confidence in the flesh. These are family truths and are not understood by those outside the family of God. God’s in control of our lives today and for the rest of our lives. God’s truth concerning we His children and His plan strengthens our faith and gives us assurance, hope, and confidence in the Sovereignty of God. But these imperative truths should also help us to see our duties within God’s plan and to see them as a part of that plan.

The concept of God’s sovereignty and sovereign plan as seen in the Scripture is a declaration of God’s majestic rule and control over this earth and all the affairs of life. It is also an invitation to each of us to worship the Lord, to submit to His authority over every aspect of life, to rest and relax in His control over all our affairs, and to obey His word which He has given us to direct us into His perfect will and plan. But by His mercy and grace, even in our disobedience, as with Jonah who found himself in the belly of the great fish, God is still in control either for our blessing or for our discipline, itself is a form of blessing because of its design to make us like His Son.

It is a marvelous revelation of the Bible to learn (a) that God watches over all that happens, indeed, He has known it from all eternity, and (b) that He is in complete control over all situations, no matter how dark or hopeless. Amazingly, this knowledge if rested in by faith can free us to serve the Lord and love others unconditionally. For ultimately, nothing can stand in the way of God’s plan for our lives. Today for the single Mother, Father, the pregnant young lady, or addicted person without an answer. “God is in Control”

Elder Baker

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