II Corinthians 4:1 (NASB) Therefore, since we have this ministry, as we received mercy, we do not lose heart.




In addition to living in Godly freedom, God desires to mark our lives with other spiritual characteristics. One of these is the Godly encouragement that comes from living and serving under the ministry of mercy and grace. Our service to the Lord is based upon mercy and grace. “Not by works should any man boast” please hear my heart today our efforts are futile if we operate independent of God. It is only when our efforts are interdependent with God that we function in the realm of ministry service.




In fact, having this type of ministry service mindset of mercy and grace enables us (you) not to lose heart serving our family, friends, and even our foes as in today’s reading verse 1 proclaims. If we are called to serve God based on our merit and our resources, we would lose heart for sure. We can be influenced at times by discouragement, as we serve our God and those we are assigned to impact. And today’s message is just a reminder of who we work for and how we get the job done in ministry service for God. Who do you work for? And how do you get the job done in your life?




Surely at times we are faced with impossibilities and threatened by our own inadequacies. But let me encourage you today, be not weary in your service for God and your assignments in the spiritual realm. Our understanding must be enlightened today, that as we are confronted with battle after battle our God will cause us to prevail beyond measure. Yes we can count on the Lord to give us a brand new mercy each day, and God will also pour out fresh grace that will bring us through any situation victoriously as well.




Prayer- O Great God of mercy and grace, You know how discouragement sometimes influences our senses which at times causes us to lose heart. But thanks for reminding us in your word that our service unto You depends on Your mercy and grace, not on our abilities and performance indulgences. Thank You always in Jesus name Amen!



Elder Baker
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