Genesis 2:25 (MSG) Now the man and his wife were both nakedbut they felt no shame.

Many of us have fallen for what I call the “Perfect-Mate idea.”  This idea applies to single and married people, and goes something like this: “If I just had the right woman (or the right man), my life would be all right.” Have you ever said or thought this expression out? I know I have and believe in my heart of hearts, we all at one time or another have and still think this way.

Let me be honest: this belief is incredibly ignorant and lacks maturity.  First, because it assumes that our problems are all external, that our real problem is outside of us and is because of an imperfect mate, spouse, or the lack thereof.  Secondly, because it assumes that there’s such a thing as a “perfect” spouse. I know you are probably tired of me writing about this couple stuff but there are some powerful truths hidden in the context of human relationships. The wrong understanding about human relationships prevents married men and women from doing the hard work and making the commitment necessary to build and repair their relationship with their spouses.  And it tempts single men and women to put their lives on hold until that “so called perfect” mate appears.



The perfect mate idea is an unhealthy false sense of reality. We must put our attention and heart on our (your) relationship with God. God desires your attitude to be, “I’m in this for the long haul. I’m going to dedicate myself to and work at making this marriage last.”  This is how an authentic and true faith comes alive in marriage relationships. Similarly, God wants the attitude of every single person to be, “God, I’m yours, with or without a spouse, and I will focus my attention on my relationship with you today.” Watch the move of God in your life when this emerges.

Remember, there aren’t any perfect spouses or mates in this life, so get to work time is going by, Get real with God and God will get real with you!. Naked truth is we must be transparent in our relationships just like Adam and Eve were in the beginning before sin corrupted their lives and accept each other as we are being free from shame.

Elder Baker

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