II Corinthians 5:7 (KJV) For we walk by faith, not by sight.

As this week begins it’s imperative to understand: We often confuse the essence of faith. Faith is not about how much you believe. Faith is only as authentic as the one in whom you believe, and that’s what makes the difference. My declaration of faith today is in Jesus Christ our Lord. Faith is about believing that the One you believe in is believable. Pastor Tony Evans says “The way you find out if the one you in believe in is believable is by knowing and experiencing Him, and faith is situated in our feet.”

Faith experienced is faith that is authentic and real. Faith cannot be experienced without our feet doing what we say we believe. I have discovered; it is an easy thing to say that you believe especially when surrounded by people who are saying they believe. It is an easy thing to feel like you believe and really be sincere. But please let me caution you today sisters and brother’s faith is not situated in our feelings. Faith is situated in our feet. That’s why  today’s reading in the Bible says “we walk by faith” rather than “feel by faith” believe it or not this is a powerful insight to our life in God!

In essence faith is affirmed by the steps you take; not by the emotions you feel at a given time. In fact, “you can feel” absolutely faithless and yet be entirely full of faith in your walk with God. And on another note you can feel absolutely faith-filled and yet be entirely devoid of faith because your feet are not moving when God says to get up and go.  Where is God telling you to go? Not until our faith connects with our actions will we know how much faith we really have like Abram did when God told him to leave  his family, kindred, and friends (Genesis 12:1-4). What is God telling you to do? Walk by faith today and watch God’s uncommon response in your life.

Elder Baker

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