Proverbs 18:10 (KJV) The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

I have a particular interest in searching the Book of Proverbs concerning its teaching regarding God and humanity. Proverbs, in my opinion, contains a detailed description of God, and for good reason. After all, Proverbs is devoted to the development of godly character. If a man/woman would be godly, they must first know what God is like. For this reason alone, we should expect Proverbs to contain a description of the character of God.

This verse pictures the Lord as our heavenly v10 “base” a strong tower of security and protection. Do you run to God when the trials of parenting overwhelm you? So often we say token prayers as we frantically try to fix problems on our own. Practically speaking, we trust in ourselves more than we trust in God. God gives us knowledge and ability, but it can never replace the act of surrendering our wisdom for the Lord’s.

Instead of hiding behind a self-sufficient exterior, be honest with God about your doubts and fears. He already knows them anyway! True peace will never be found in our own efforts, but in trusting in the only One who can truly protect us. When you are troubled, run to your heavenly base and relax.

There is yet another reason why Proverbs has much to contribute to our understanding of the character of God. Proverbs is an intensely practical book. It does not deal with heavenly, or philosophical truth, but with practical truth, truth which can be converted into godly attitudes and actions. When Proverbs informs us about God, it reveals those divine characteristics which should shape our lives. Let us look at the Book of Proverbs, then, to learn more of God and more about humanity’s relationship with our Lord.

Elder Baker

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