Psalm 55: 12 (NLT) It is not an enemy who taunts me I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me I could have hidden from them.13 Instead, it is you my equal, my companion and close friend.14 what good fellowship we once enjoyed as we walked together to the house of God.

In our relationship with God, times of crisis and pain have the potential to lead us to commitment, obedience, and intimacy with our God. Indeed emotional pain can be excruciating to endure. It can devastate you (us) like nothing else in our lifetime. Divorce, the loss of a child in an accident or illness, death of a spouse, abandonment by a wife or loved one are catastrophic in our world. These experiences test our faith in God and in human relationships like none else can.

Believe me as I share with you today my heart becomes tender at the thought of very close relationships that ended in betrayals. Today many have been reconciled, yet others have not been reconciled until many years later. But some others have not been reconciled at this point in time. The truth be told all are some difficult times. There were times I actually thought my heart was bleeding from inside out, if you can understand the pain endured. David must have felt this when he penned this Psalm: (Read it now please V12-14)

I have since discovered emotional pain drives us deep into the arms of our God like nothing else can. It helps us connect with the cross of Jesus. It has the potential to motivate us to greater levels of intimacy and obedience. David also penned it was good that I was afflicted that I may learn of your decrees (Psalm 119:71). We will all experience betrayal in our journey through life. Some of you may be experiencing emotional pain right now as you are reading today’s word. Please consider that God is preparing you for service in times like these. God wants you to follow the pattern of Jesus, who washed the feet of Judas.

Oh how difficult this test is to pass you must be thinking? But remember Jesus said that “if we don’t forgive others, He doesn’t forgive us” Wow not a very good option! Jesus chose to release the “you hurt me deeply or” I can’t forgive you for what you did to me”! The concept of un-forgiveness seems to keep us in prison emotionally, spiritually, and physically. So I close with let the emotional pain go and walk in your God given potential today! Blessings and Peace.

Elder Baker 

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