Job 14:1(NKJV) Man who is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.

Today word from the Lord may be of great value to all of us, before we would leave this life, to remember this challenging reality for those in Christ. In fact this word may even cause us to hold loosely the earthly and material things so attached in our lives; once this powerful fact sets in our mind processes. There is nothing very pleasant in the knowledge that we are not above the turning point of adversity. Even as Jesus made His way to Jerusalem only to be crucified and condemned to death. It is a very sobering truth that our lives are heading towards the heavenly garden of the dust of the earth before we could ever be resurrected with Christ.

We should love, but we should love with the love which expects death; and which reckons upon the sufferings of this present time. There will be no comparison to the Glory which our Lord has prepared for us; please understand this is my real hope today. Our precious relationships are but loaned to us for a season, and the hour when we must return them to the lender’s hand may be even in our near future. I don’t mean to be morbid sisters and brothers but let us not be fooled into thinking this is it to our lives in God!

There is a time appointed for weakness and sickness, when we shall have to glorify God by suffering, and this is a powerful truth to those in Christ. There is no single point in time which we can escape from the sharp arrows of affliction; out of our few days here, they are not to secure from life’s sorrow. My only point today is to caution you not to set your affections on things of this earthly realm, but to remind you to seek those things which are above in our Beloved Lord. The path of trouble in this life is the way home; Jesus did it, and so did some of my loved ones Mom, Dad, Aunt Vivian, Grand Pa, and now Grand Ma. And in the mercies of God we will do it too people of God, only a “few days of trouble”.

Prayer-Dear Lord, make this a thought and shared sentiment of those under the influence of today’s word, and in a time of weariness allow this word to be comfort from life’s trouble in Jesus name Amen!

Elder Baker

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